Monday, December 16, 2013

Early New Year Resolution

Hello guys It's been a long break from blogging and sharing recipes for me. Partially due to my ever challenging work, a break from baking and decorating cakes, moving to a new house and probably some other reasons such as finding out that blogging has a lot of political game, drama,and unpleasant fights for territory. Probably recovered from the last but slowly recovering from a cake baking break, and still in house demolition/renovation mode which means that I don't have a fully operated and organized kitchen (washing dishes by hand since May of this year sucks! especially if you have 3 kids. So much more respect to my mom who never had a dishwasher when we were growing up, and she had 7 of little munchkins dirtying it up constantly) Anyway, I hope this space will become something more than just occasional share of my cake decorating adventures, and more sweets. I would like to share fashion finds with you guys. Some awesome home designers and their amazing DIY projects. Not sure if the name of the blog will change with time but I think I'm ready to document more projects, ideas and push myself to do more so I could share more. My ever challenging work hasn't changed, so maybe I'm pushing my abilities again. However, I'm eager to challenge them and see what will evolve.